Moore: Light to be shed on human organ trafficking in 2014

Jonathan Moore, director of the Office of South-Central European Affairs at the U.S. Department of State, has said in Washington that the investigation into the human organ trafficking in Kosovo continues, 2014 being the year when full light will be shed on the case.

(kosovocompromisestuff) Tuesday, November 26, 2013

On Monday, Moore said that the U.S. continues to offer support to lead prosecutor John Clint Williamson and his EULEX Special Investigative Task Force. The State Department official commended the cooperation between the Serbian Armed Forces and the American army despite the fact that Serbia declared military neutrality. Moore underlined the importance of the fight against organized crime and corruption in all countries of South-East Europe. Haki Abazi, program director for the Western Balkans at the New York-based Rockfeller Brothers Fund, took a very critical stance concerning the progress of regional countries, saying that the Balkans is now at a critical crossroads as far as its further EU integration is concerned. According to Abazi, organized crime poses the biggest danger to the Balkans. Albanian criminals from the south of Kosovo want to keep the status quo. By smashing ballot boxes in (northern Kosovska) Mitrovica (during the first round of local elections on November 3), a group of gangsters showed that they are stronger than the governments of Kosovo and Serbia, EULEX and KFOR, Abazi said. He was especially critical of the international community and their forces in Kosovo, noting that they are giving false promises to Kosovo concerning its advance in the EU integration process, and that EULEX has no capacity for confronting major leaders in Kosovo.