The Compromise Scoreboard Chart

4 proposed solutions related to parameters defining successful compromise

Elements defining a successful compromise
(supervised / conditional / substantial / maximal…)
(supervised / conditional / virtual / unilateral…)
Long term solution
Compliance w/ intl law
(unless both sides agree)
Both sides agree
Both make concessions
Acceptable for intl cmnt
(unless both sides agree)
Compromise factor:8004040
Best caseInternational law and order maintainedEverybody accepts except SerbiaDurable settlementFunctioning union until EU entry
Worst caseAlbanian violenceDomino effect, chaos worldwide Fighting, domino effectDomestic unrest, domino effect
Most probable caseInternational law and order maintained
Albanian dissent calmed
No pasaran @ UN Security Council
Kosovo remains frozen conflict
Redrawing of Balkan, African & Asian borders along ethnic lines Quick separation