The Daily Life Chart

Everyday problems in Kosovo in case of autonomy/independence



Restoration of the old common electricity network, no more shortages, much cheaper electricity

Kosovo’s electricity imports must bypass Serbia, prices soar


Free competition: at least 3 Serbian and 2 Kosovo-based mobile operators

Higher roaming costs

Travel by road / train / air

Access to Trans-European corridors through Serbian network, especially Corridor 10

No go for KS license plates in Serbia
No northbound train travel
No passing through Serbian airspace


Job market, renewal of pre-war cooperation

No perspective, grey market

Health care / Higher education

Unhindered access to Serbian hospitals and universities

Limited options and lack of quality of health service and education opportunities

Administrative paperwork

Albanophone administrative offices in major Serbian cities

Document jam


Gradually refunded to all Kosovo Albanian workers

No refund

Diplomatic help abroad

Through Serbian consular and diplomatic offices.
Personal documents recognized internationally

Travel documents not recognized in many countries

Cultural life

Access to Serbian funds + international projects
Guest visits through offshoots of Serbian festivals

Restricted funding
Dependence on international donations

Cultural heritage sites

Protected, tourist-ready

Neglected; historical revisionism


Clubs could join euro-competitions through playoffs with Serbian clubs

Serbia challenges Kosovo’s access to international sports associations and competitions


Common eco-standards policy

Pollution war

Organized crime

Joint combat

Kosovo remains criminal nursery