Pro & Cons - Independence

Criticism and dismissed arguments

Top 10 anti-independence argumentsTop 10 pro-independence bluffs
Why should one side get it all, the other side lose it all? Serbia has lost Kosovo in 1999
Why impose independence as the “only” solution for Kosovo? Everything is already decided: Kosovo will be independent one way or another
Why endanger international law? International law is passé
Why would Kosovo be an exception in the world? Kosovo is "unique" because of civil war, foreign intervention and international administration
Why punish democratic Serbia ? Serbia 's ‘progressive elite' wants to cut off “the cancer of Kosovo”
Why reward Albanian violence? If they do not get what they want, Albanians will explode in even more violence
Why create a second Albanian state? "Border-drawing wrongdoings of 1913 at the expense of ethnic Albanians" must be corrected today
Why create a completely new state from scratch…when integration is the keyword? There can be no economic progress in Kosovo without independence
Why risk new instability that blocks a EU perspective? Serbia should choose between Kosovo and the EU
Why did NATO intervene in 1999?
For human rights or protectorate-building?
Human rights standards will be respected only if and when Kosovo becomes independent