Albanian vs Serbian Point of View

The us & them chart

Independence or nothing Everything but independence
Right to self-determination Primacy of national sovereignty, territorial integrity and internal self-determination (autonomy)
Threats of unilateral declaration and violence Legality and diplomacy only, retaliatory measures possible only if international law is breached
Kosovo is a unique caseDozens of similar cases worldwide: Kurdistan, Kashmir, Basque Country, Quebec, Taiwan, Tibet, Abkhasia...
Independence = Last step in disintegration of YugoslaviaIndependence =First step in further Balkan destabilization
“Milosevic.” “Milosevic is dead.”
“1999” “1999-2007”
Serbia “colonized” Kosovo in 1912 Kosovo is the historical and spiritual cradle of the Serbian nation since the Middle Ages
We are "victims of Russian neo-imperalism"You are victims of "promises of independence"
- no negotiability on independence
- no changing of Kosovo borders
- no changes to Martti Ahtisaari's package
- unilateral declaration on day 121
- UNSC not needed for final decision
- no independence in any form
- no negotiability on Serbian integrity
- no continuation based on Ahtisaari
- no deadlines
- final decision stays with UNSC