The Unique Case Chart

Why Kosovo is NOT a unique case

Kosovo is unique because of…Disclaimer
Moral reasons, i.e. Slobodan MilosevicMilosevic era is over. Given their postwar treatment of Kosovo Serbs and other minorities (235.000 IDPs, 2000+ killed or kidnapped, 4600 armed attacks, 176 churches demolished, 20.000 homes usurpated...), Kosovo Albanians have also lost all moral credit
Majority wantsRight to self-determination does not precede territorial integrity
Ten years of institutional discrimination Kosovo Albanians have demanded independence even during Tito's golden age period
1998-99 conflict and 6,000 victimsIn 1998-99, 40 conflicts worldwide were reported with at least 1,000 victims each
NATO interventionNATO intervention was illegal from the point of view of international law
Presence of peacekeepers and transitional international administrationDozens of UN missions in crisis regions, none has brought about a new state
Fear of violence

US, NATO and EU have all the instruments to prevent any such violence

UrgencyNo violation of human rights, no armed conflict, therefore no urgency, compared to other hotspots