Haaretz Wants Israel to Be the 100th Recognizer of the Kosovo Jihad State

Haaretz Wants Israel to be 100th Kosovo Recognizer, On the occasion of Serbian President recent visit to the Middle East, writer Victor Sharpe wrote a historical commentary

(Victor Sharpe, Republican Riot) Friday, June 21, 2013

Serbia and Israel: Shared Glory and Tragedy....It is very fitting that Serbia and Israel should have  political, economic and cultural ties as the similarities between each  of the embattled nations are considerable and significant in historical  terms...Both continue to suffer from Islamic threats and an uncaring and,  too often, a hostile world. The place chosen to make a stand against the Muslim Turks was at Kosovo  Polje (the Field of Blackbirds) in Kosovo - the heartland of the Serbian nation. It was in June, 1389, on St. Vitus Day, (Vidovdan), that the  rival forces met. It was not a mere military defeat but the end of Serbian independence  and the beginning of 500 years of Christian suffering under the Muslim  yoke. But worse still, the Serbian heartland of Kosovo was lost. For the Serbian people, the blood shed at the Battle of Kosovo in the Field of  Blackbirds marks Kosovo as eternally Serbian.The late 20th century's insane rush to create Kosovo as yet another Muslim autonomous region in the heart of the Balkans, was a testament to the curse of oil. Ever ready to enrich their  economies, the Europeans and, sadly, the Clinton Administration combined to appease and placate the Arab and Muslim kings, emirs, imams,  mullahs, sheikhs and assorted dictators. The price demanded...[was] to  pave the way for more and more Muslim influence throughout the world.The phenomena of the so-called sovereign funds are instruments  through which European and American financial institutions receive  desperately needed infusions of Arab money to bail themselves out of  their own greed and monetary shortcomings. And the financial help  bestowed upon them always comes with strings; thus adding yet another  layer of Arab and Muslim infiltration.Islamic influence grows with every passing day. Facts are being  created on the ground, which are changing the demographics and national  characteristics of one European state after another. And it was in  Europe that Arab oil drove the creation of a Muslim statelet, Kosovo,  that is rapidly becoming a radical Islamist Balkan beachhead threatening what is left of an erstwhile Christian Europe. In time it will  inevitably become a springboard for more terror in both the United  States and Russia....[it already has, repeatedly.]

Serbs, in fact, call Kosovo their "Jerusalem."

The U.S. State Department's Nicholas Burns some years ago had  congratulated the Kosovars in obtaining their independence from Serbia.  This was a betrayal of the Serbian people and has left a disfiguring  scar on the United States. For the Serbian people, the province of  Kosovo is their very ancestral heartland. The long suffering Serbs were  forced to witness the witless and perfidious Western powers rip away  Serbia's heart while the hated ethnic Albanian and Muslim historical  enemies took possession of it... And we must realize that Israel, too, is threatened by  the same evil created by Arab oil. The Arabs who call themselves  Palestinians demand Judaism's eternal holy city of Jerusalem and the  Jewish heartland of Judea and Samaria (known by the erroneous Jordanian  Arab name - the West Bank)...Notice how the mainstream way of  calling something always defaults to the Muslim-spun term. It's always  been "Kosovo," rather than the full name Kosovo-Metohija, which was  branded (by the Muslim side) as the "Serb-nationalist" way of calling  it; interesting that the word for "churches" makes the phrase  "nationalist." And soon Kosovo will be called "Kosova," the  terrorist-victor's pronunciation.Under relentless U.S State Department pressure, the Israeli  government of Prime Minister Netanyahu endure[s] the same attempt at the dismemberment of its biblical, ancestral, aboriginal, spiritual and  physical Jewish heartland just as the brave and ill served Serbian  people suffered with the loss of their beloved Kosovo.Although Serbs living in enclaves within Kosovo are still holding on from being completely driven from their homes, the price of creating a  Muslim Palestinian state is the expulsion - the ethnic cleansing - of  all Jews from its proposed territory...And this unthinkable outrage of  ethnic cleansing will be sanctioned by President Obama, the ever  appeasing European Union and the immoral United Nations under cover of  the misnamed peace process. Jordan is historically in possession of nearly 80% of Mandatory Palestine and its population is over 75%  Palestinian. There already thus exists a de facto Palestine. [Another  parallel: Kosovo's neighbor Albania is almost 100% Albanian, and yet we  must have a second Albanian state, just as we must have a second  Palestinian state. During the late 1990s when President Clinton and his Secretary of  State, Madel[e]ine Albright, launched a disgraceful war against the  Serbs, the Serbian Deputy Prime Minister, Draskovitch, said of Kosovo:  "Our faith was born there, as was our language, our nationhood, our  pride. It is incumbent upon us to defend Kosovo, even if we all die."His words were uttered as American bombers, repainted in NATO  colors, bombed Serbia for several months inflicting some 3,000 civilian  deaths and destroying all the bridges over the Danube River in Belgrade. This was not America's finest hour but it is now largely dead and  buried by the mainstream media.The same mainstream media rarely, if ever, tells us about Serbia's  passion during the many centuries leading up to the present and shameful act of the West. When Serbia was part of Yugoslavia, it was the Serbs  who fought alone and unaided against the German divisions during World  War 2; fighting them to a standstill. No other people alone in occupied  Europe achieved that remarkable and heroic feat.Croatia allied itself with Hitler and established a Nazi state. The  Croatian fascist Ustashis exterminated hundreds of thousands of Serbs  and tens of thousands of Jews . The anti-Jewish Arab Mufti of Jerusalem...Haj Amin el-Husseini, spent  many days with Hitler in his Berlin bunker plotting the destruction of  Mandatory Palestine's Jewish population. He encouraged the Bosnian  Muslims to form several SS divisions. They subsequently carried out mass murders and deportations of Jews to the German death camps.Serbia emerged from the Second World War with the distinction of  defeating the German invasion and inflicting severe losses on the German army. But the Serbs paid a terrible price, losing nearly 2,000,000 dead or some 12% of their population. The Serbian partisans, who included  Jewish fighters, were able to save thousands of Jews from death at the  hands of the Croatian, German and Bosnian murderers. During the Balkan Wars of the 1990s, the Croatians expelled some  250,000 Serbs from their homes in the Krajina district. As soon as the  Muslims in Kosovo received autonomy in 1974, they drove out 400,000  Serbs. At the same time a vast influx of ethnic Albanians fleeing  Communist rule, flooded across the border to take the place of the  disinherited Serbs. Albanian Muslim birth rate was so high that within  60 years the Kosovan population within Kosovo grew from 70,000 in 1947  to 2,000,000 by 2004. Similarly, the Arab Muslim population within  Israel has grown from 200,000 in 1950 to some 1.5 million in 2013.The Serbian people have been reduced to only 10% of their original  population in Kosovo. Ethnic cleansing against the Serbs began long  before the Western press ran their lurid stories of Serbian ethnic  cleansing against the Bosnian Muslims [and Kosovo Albanians]...The lesson  for Israel is that foreign powers have conspired to strip the expendable Serbs of their ancestral heartland and give it to the Muslims... As goes  Serbia, so goes Israel. [...]Enter the leftist Israeli newspaper Haaretz, treating us recently to an article by editor Adar Primor, titled "Israel Must Recognize Kosovo." For Israel's own sake, no less. ( "Israel must remain faithful to the principles of  self-determination on which it was founded and be the 100th country to  recognize Kosovo. Not just for Kosovo's sake - but for its own.") The  piece reads like a cheap mirror-reversal of Sharpe's article, rehashing  the 90s-born pop platitudes, cliches and myths such as Milosevic's "nationalist" speech which "ignited" four wars, and "national aspirations of an oppressed  people [who] suffered massacres, rapes and ethnic cleansing," plus tired and debunked designations such as "Butcher of the Balkans" and "worst  war crimes in Europe since World War II." The article is replete with  the Pristina/Washington talking points: "unique case, modern-dressed  girls, alcohol sold freely, and no chance of Islamization." This  autopilot is also the last guy who's still on "quarter of a million"  dead in the Balkan wars. Not surprisingly, Primor doesn't miss the  opportunity to bring in the UN vote against Israel, on which Albania  abstained but Serbia did not (that sad story is explained here). He also does the usual projection of the Albanians' uncompromising  "it's all mine" demand onto the Serbian side. But then, this is someone  who still perceives "unconditional" American support for Israel.He also credulously quotes the prime minister, Hashim the Snake  Thaci giving one of his usual Washington-Pristina talking points:  " Former foreign minister Vuk Jeremic warned against a domino effect  that could undermine the stability of the Balkans, bring to the surface  both ‘dormant' and new disputes in the world...Prime Minister Hashim Thaci answered this concern... ‘Kosovo is a unique case and, as a result, its  independence doesn't set any precedent. On the contrary; its freedom  will be a cornerstone of stability for the Balkans, which will enter an  era of cooperation and peace.' From the perspective of five years hence, it's clear: Thaci was right, and Jeremic (and Israel) were mistaken." Because a mere five years is such a long, long time, right,  providing all the hindsight on Kosovo anyone will ever need. Five years, incidentally, during which the international overseers are still there  and so Kosovo is still on good behavior (compared to what's going to be once the do-gooders leave. That's if you don't count a pogrom of the dead, digging up bodies and scattering the remains to mark five years of "independence"). Primor couldn't resist mentioning the monument that Pristina  dedicated two weeks ago "to commemorate Kosovo Jews murdered in the  Holocaust," and that the authorities have been going out of their way  (lately) to make Kosovo's 56 Jews feel welcome.

This is the monument he's talking about: Kosovo unveiling Holocaust memorial  (JTA, May 23)

Kosovo is unveiling a plaque commemorating its Jews who perished in the Holocaust. Prime Minister Hashim Thaci was scheduled to unveil the plaque on  Thursday in Pristina at the site of the country's last synagogue, across the street from the parliament. "This is the place where the last Synagogue of Kosovo stood until  1963," the plaque reads in Albanian, Hebrew, English and Serbian. "This  plaque is raised in memory of Kosovo Jews that perished in Nazi camps  during Holocaust. People of Kosovo will never forget them. "Among the scheduled speakers at the event are Jason Steinbaum, the  chief of staff for Rep. Eliot Engel (D-N.Y.)...who has been a champion of  Kosovo independence. [A leading American-Jewish mouthpiece for the  anti-Serb terrorists, in no small part because of his heavily Albanian  constituency in the Bronx that keeps reelecting him.] Also speaking will be an Israeli representative. [...]You've gotta love Albanians: Two monuments unveiled this year - one for Jewish Holocaust victims, and the other for KLA terrorists. What great company we Jews are in. Thanks, Kosova, it really means a lot. As for Thaci, a modern-day Mengele, making the Holocaust plaque dedication, well I'm just speechless. Nowhere in the JTA item above is it mentioned - nor likely was it at the unveiling - who collected Kosovo's WWII Jews. Albanians. Another item about the plaque dedication quotes the Israeli ambassador saying that  the plaque also "expresses gratitude for the renewal of Jewish life in  Kosovo, including the maintenance of the cemetery...."One wonders if he means the cemetery that had been neglected and  grown over for years, until Kosovo's race for recognitions was on, at  which point a bunch of Ivy League suckers from the Dartmouth College  Hillel were invited to clean it up in June 2011? That would be the same cemetery that was desecrated with swastikas just five months later? This plaque is just a try to present Kosovo as a multicultural,  European community, which is, according to historian Milos Damjanovic,  [a] useless effort. What's sad, [the] plaque isn't saying a thing about  Serbian and Roma families that hid Jews from Xhaver Deva, Albanian collaborationist who helped Hitler and whose name was a  synonym for Hitler among Jews. [Deva, born in Kosovska Mitrovica in  1904, recruited for the Skanderbeg division, to rid Kosovo of Serbs, Jews, and Roma.] Indeed, all the Holocaust PR for the Balkans has benefited not the  far more numerous Serb saviors of Jews [is even one identified at Yad  Vashem ? but those who, as nations, sided with the Nazis. Which helps  explain why in 1999, as Ceresnjes mentions, the Nazis' victims' names  were removed from the memorial in Kosovo the moment the Albanians found  their next sponsor after their Nazi "liberators" - NATO. About the Jew-saving PR, not only have the historically  Axis-aligned Albanians been touting their saves, but now even the  Jew-liquidating, Serb-eye-gouging Croats are touting their Jew-saves - without ever first telling the world about their genocide of Serbs and Jews. The INCREDIBLE irony of all this is that Kosovo universities demanded to conduct classes in ALBANIAN ONLY throughout the 1980s and 1990s,  even though Serbo-Croatian was the language of Yugoslavia, and even  though Kosovo was a province of Yugoslavia, NOT a province of Albania. This is such a joke. What would happen if a state in the U.S.  suddenly insisted that ALL classes in public schools and universities  had to be conducted in Spanish or Swahili or Hebrew, and refused to  allow classes to be taught in English? Would those students, trained  only in those languages, be prepared to land jobs in an English-speaking nation? Would that foster common ground, or separatism? She keeps talking about the Serbs living in Kosovo who do not accept the authority of the Republic of Kosovo - a state illegally declared, in  violation of national and international laws...She talks about how few  Serbs live there - without explaining how that disproportionate number  came about. She blames the Serbs there for "illegal parallel structures?" What  the heck was the entire separation of Kosovo? Don't choke too hard when  you hear about the refugees at the end, that this was NATO's "most  useful, successful mission," or that Kosovo is a multinational country  where tolerance is a great success. Sure, that's why they destroyed or  desecrated more than 400 churches, raped nuns and citizens, killed Serbs living in their own ancestral homes for 600 years. Interesting that Dartmouth didn't want to allow questions at the  end, and set up NO microphones for the students...This slimy propaganda  was a disgrace and insult to higher education. Indeed, in her "lecture," she covered all the standard stuff,  expressing her no-brainer position that she's against partition or land  exchange. As we know, the Albanians WANT IT ALL. And so the Serbs are  called "uncompromising." To a packed audience in the Hopkins Center's Moore  Theater, Jahjaga said her four-year-old nation has emerged from war a  better place. [???!!!]"

A response to that particular charge came from author Bill Dorich, who wrote the following letter to the student paper:


The remark that there was "fear of repression in the  desire to learn" is not just insulting, it is moronic considering that  Albanians were permitted to be educated in their own language. For the  past 30 years Pristina University in Kosovo had more than 95% Albanian  enrollment. I suggest that Ms. Jahjaga stop pissing on our leg and convincing us that it is raining.Over the past three decades Albanians in Kosovo had numerous ethnic  newspapers, radio and television stations and their freedom of speech was never oppressed. But what was cleverly omitted from her presentation was any mention that Albanians for decades received a form of welfare  from the Tito regime, unheard of in any Communist system in the world. I also remind the naive students at Dartmouth that the Serbs ranked in 4th place in the communist system of the late Tito regime and the  ambassadorships and positions of power were held by Bosnian Muslims,  Croats, and Albanians, not Serbs. I also remind your students that during the Tito regime when he  gave the Albanians "autonomy" without a single vote of the Yugoslav parliament, the Albanians fired every Serb from their jobs including  doctors, teachers, college professors, policemen and judges. Apparently your ignorant student body also needs reminding that during the Second  World War over 160,000 Serbs were cleansed from Kosovo and after the war Tito forbade their return, giving their land to the Nazi Albanians, who supported his communist efforts. During the autonomy of the 1970s  another 120,000 Serbs were forced from Kosovo during a campaign of  terror that included the burning of over 500 Serbian farms, the rape of  Serbian nuns and Serbian girls and the burning of 3 Serbian monasteries  and 2 major Serbian libraries. Albanian officials burned over 2 million  Serbian books including priceless manuscripts.  How compelling that your college would invite such morons to your college and allow them to spew their anti Serb hatred...Yet your naive students applauded this hypocrite who, through KLA violence, has amputated sovereign Serbian territory. Since the arrival of 17,000 NATO troops in 1999, the Albanians have  destroyed [hundreds of] ancient Serbian Orthodox Christian churches as your student body remained silent...