Which regime is worse, the new one or the old? - Yes.

Milovan Ilić

The Lie would tell you
that it was the Truth which started first...

Ratko Dangubić

Prepare the whiskey,
we are entering a new Ice Age...

Vladan Sokić

My friend, beware of people!
There are many of them who are just like you...

Zoran Rankic

The distance between here and a brighter future
can only be measured in light years.

Rastko Zakić

If everybody else agrees,
I will also vote for change!

Aleksandar Baljak

We will not listen to the voice of reason,
because it is yelling at us.

Rastko Zakić

Everything could have been solved in a peaceful way,
But could have thought of that?

Slobodan Simić

We are learning from our mistakes.
And perfecting ourselves from our catastrophes.

Milko Stojković

The enemy surprised us again.
We expected that he would attack first!

Rade Jovanović

We wanted the war to finish as soon as possible.
That's why we started it first.

Rade Jovanović

Nobody knows who fired first.
What's sure is that they didn't hesitate to shoot back!

Rade Jovanović

A black cat crossed our way.
The next day, it died.

Momčilo Mihajlović

They are applying a sticks and carrots policy.
First they beat us with sticks, then with carrots...

Djordje Otašević

Every conflict can be solved in a peaceful way.
That's why we are warning you
not to show any resistance.

Aleksandar Baljak

The enemy never sleeps.
We are shelling him day and night.

Аleksandar Čotrić

On the frontline, I was very humane.
I took care of a television set which lost everybody in this world.

The problem with foreigners is that they don't understand what's going on in this country,
and we're not here to solve their problems.

Some animals have human characteristics.
The other ones I do like.

Is a new war possible?
I don't know. All the previous ones were impossible.

Andjelko Erdeljanin