The best government is always the one that has yet to come,
provided that it never comes.

Zoran Rankic

They are applying the "sticks and carrots" policy.
First they beat us with sticks, then with carrots.

Djordje Otasevic

I am afraid we will have a stormy past
even in the future.

Rastko Zakic

It's a draw.
Let's throw a dice to see who will write history.

Dragan Rajicic

God exists. If it doesn't, Ahtisaari's plan will be automatically applied.

Andjelko Erdeljanin

I am ready to negotiate even with war criminals.
I practiced in front of the mirror.

Momčilo Mihajlović

We are calling on the ghost to return inside the lamp.
His freedom of movement will be guaranteed

Aleksandar Baljak

The verdict surprised everybody.
Especially the judge.

Vladan Sokić

War criminals were giving autographs.
That's how the peace deal was signed.

Slobodan Simić

We have a very prominent role in the negotiations process.
Everybody wants our signature.

Aleksandar Mijalković

Let’s return to the negotiating table.
What are you drinking?

Andjelko Erdeljanin

He was born in Serbia, but he died in another country.
In his native village.

Momcilo Mihajlovic

Democracy is when you can say
what you don't even dare to think about.

Dragan Rajičić

The presence of international troops in Kosovo is very reassuring for the remaining Serbs.
It means a lot to them that someone is there to help them leave the province in a fast and secure way.

Aleksandar Baljak

With the secession of Kosovo, Serbia will not lose anything.
All the arguments will remain on her side.

Aleksandar Baljak

I went on a tourist trip abroad,
but I couldn't find a job.

Aleksandar Baljak

We favor the development of small and medium enterprises.
We turned big ones into medium, and medium ones into small.

Aleksandar Baljak

I won't tell you my nationality,
otherwise you will call me a Serb nationalist.

Aleksandar Baljak

I read an gripping postmodern novel.
All the time I feared that something would happen.

Aleksandar Baljak

Offence is our best defence,
but we didn't come to defend ourselves.

Aleksandar Baljak