A large number of states have not recognized it, and that means that Spain must avoid walking on razor's edge and keep in Kosovo a mission that is contrary to the UN law.

Beatriz Rodriguez-Salmones,
Member of Parliament, Spain

Five months after the unilateral declaration of independence by Kosovo Albanians on February 17th, the situation in this formerly Serbian province resembles every day more to a «frozen conflict», an embarrassment to the European Union which is trying to save the face of its foreign and security policy.

Christophe Chatelot,
Le Monde

We consider Kosovo as a dangerous and unfortunate precedent. Europe will pay for it for decades. It's obvious that a whole host of other separatist regimes will exploit it to justify their own desire for legal status.

Dmitry Medvedev,
President of the Russian Federation

The Kosovo case has become a nightmare. The new international law which the West wanted to create with this case has now turned against its authors and their interests.

Die Presse, Vienna

It is impossible at the same time to recognize Kosovo's independence from Serbia and repeat relentlessly that the territorial integrity of Georgia must be respected over South Ossetia and Abkhazia... If one does not recognize the territorial integrity of Serbia in Kosovo, he'd better keep quiet about the territorial integrity of Georgia.

Dmitry Rogozin,
Russian Ambassador to NATO

Kosovo rid the West of time and space for maneuver and political influence in Transcaucasia.

Regnum, Moscow

The Kosovo case was both educational and inspirational for South Ossetia. Their political leadership will now try to present the situation as even worse than Kosovo's in 1999... The subjectivity of international factors in assessing the conditions on the ground, general inconsistency in respecting international law and the double-standards of the great powers were all crucial factors in the developments that led to Kosovo's proclamation of independence. After Kosovo, we should expect other separatist movements - both outside and inside of Europe.

Oliver Ivanović,
Serbian State Secretary for Kosovo and Metohia

Bush administration officials repeatedly stated that Kosovo was a unique case, apparently believing that they could define what Kosovo's independence meant to others.

Paul J. Sanders,
U.S. News and World Report

The recognition of Kosovo was a foolhardy, poorly thought through policy which may reverberate violently all over the world for decades. This is not to defend Russia's actions in Georgia but it does show how the Americans, British and others want things both ways - and it also shows how the recognition of Kosovo has destroyed the hallowed concept that you don't change borders through force.

Tim Marshall,
Sky News

Who will believe appeals to respect the territorial integrity of Georgia by those who only a few weeks without any shame destroyed the territorial integrity of Serbia when they recognized Kosovo?

Javier Ruperez,
ABC Madrid