ICJ: France, Holland support Kosovo's UDI

French officials said before the International Court of Justice that the unilateral Kosovo Albanian independence declaration "did not violate international law".

(KosovoCompromise Staff) Thursday, December 10, 2009

During the seventh day of debates before ICJ in The Hague on the legality of the proclamation, made in February 2008, French legal representative Edwige Belliard said an answer on the question of the declaration's legality would "not have any practical effect", since "Kosovo independence is the reality", and thus called on the UN court "to refuse ti give its opinion".

"Secession does not go against international law and the court should refuse to take a stance on the issue," Belliard said.

France's position is also that the declaration "does not violate the principle protection of territorial integrity", because that principles "only applies to relations between countries".

Norway and Jordan also argued in favour of Kosovo's independence, asserting that the act was not against international law

On the outset of the eight day, Holland also supported the UDI, saying that it was a unique case and a result of discrimination against Kosovo Albanians.

Five more countries are scheduled to present their statements before the end of the debate -- Great Britain, Laos, Romania, Venezuela and Vietnam.