Belgrade to international community: Condemn warmongering

Serbian Ministry for Kosovo State Secretary Oliver Ivanovic has reacted to statements coming from Kosovo Albanian politicians that Southern Serbia is ready to join Kosovo

(KosovoCompromise Staff) Thursday, February 11, 2010

Ivanovic called on the international community to react to the Kosovo Albanian assembly in Pristina President Jakup Krasniqi's statement that ethnic Albanians in the municipalities of Bujanovac and Presevo were "ready to join Kosovo".

"Serbia will not exchange something that is hers for something else that is hers, nor is the concept of partition and exchange of territory on the table at all from our side. We have absolutely rejected that idea," he stated.

Ivanovic also said he was worried that the Kosovo politicians' warmongering did not meet with reaction from the international community officials in the province.

"They seem to be forgetting that such or similar moves in the past caused a lot of complications, I won't say, conflicts. Therefore, the least we can expect is for the EU and KFOR and NATO representatives, for the representatives of UNMIK and EULEX, to condemn this and make it clear to Jakup Krasniqi and to everyone else, that these stories should not be placed in public that they are damaging and dangerous," said Ivanovic.

Krasniqi receantly said, according to media in Pristina, that "If some of the Serbs are not ready to live in the northern part and think that they can separate from Kosovo, then the Albanians of the Presevo valley are ready to join Kosovo."