Negotiations over Kosovo possible in September

Improved reputation of Serbia and the whole region of the West Balkans showing readiness to cooperate as well as the wish by the EU that a stable region becomes its integral part, shall inevitably bring Pristina and Belgrade to the same table, Belgrade based daily "Blic" writtes.

(KosovoCompromise Staff) Monday, June 21, 2010

Negotiations over Kosovo status might begin in September, immediately after decisions by the International Court of Justice in The Hague expected to be made on July 22. The agreement should be reached before Serbia joins the EU since nobody wants another ‘frozen conflict' as well-informed ‘Blic' sources say.

‘After opinion by the ICJ over Kosovo independence I am not expecting any radical moves neither in favor of Belgrade nor Pristina, but I am expecting that wishes by Belgrade and Pristina are thoroughly thought about in an attempt of a compromise to be found. That shall be a process, of course. I am positive that responsible factor of the international community understand that both sides have to get and to lose something if a frozen conflict is to be overcome', Sonja Liht, President of the Foreign Policy Council at the Serbian Foreign Ministry says for ‘Blic'.

‘The countries which have recognized Kosovo as an independent state are not going to change their stance. However, the fact is that large number of countries in the world has not recognized Kosovo, including five EU members. On the other hand the EU wants the whole of the West Balkans to be integrated', Liht explains for ‘Blic'.

According to her words the EU stance towards the region shall depend to large extent on the way in which the region acts. Liht insists that association by Serbia with the EU and Kosovo issue has never been separated in the sense of stabilization of the whole region.

Piero Fassino, a deputy in the Italian Parliament at whose initiative a declaration has been adopted instructing Italian Foreign Minister Franco Frattini to suggest the road map for European integration of the West Balkans says for ‘Blic' that the EU should encourage Pristina and Belgrade return to the negotiating table in an attempt to find an agreement after decision by the ICJ.

‘Agreement has to be found. I hope that the EU shall give Serbia as soon as possible the candidate status since that shall be a proof that Brussels really wants integration of the whole Balkans', Fassino says.