EULEX court statement welcomed

Serbian Kosovo Ministry State Secretary Oliver Ivanovic welcomed EULEX chief Yves de Kermabon's statement on the return of judges to a court in northern Kosovska Mitrovica.

(KosovoCompromise Staff) Thursday, July 15, 2010

The EU mission in the province, EULEX, chief said on Tuesday in a statement issued in Pristina that local judges and prosecutors will not return to work in the Kosovska Mitrovica District Court on July 15, and that the talks on this subject will continue.

In a statement for Tanjug, Ivanovic said that, "under these circumstances", insisting on a date for the court to open in the volatile ethnically divided town "would be counterproductive".

"Many issues have not been defined yet and it is important that the law which will be implemented, the territory which will be under the jurisdiction of the Kosovska Mitrovica District Court and other elements of the agreement be defined before the opening of the court," he stressed.

Ivanovic pointed out that the opening of the court before a final agreement has been reached would be "quite an adventure" which may end "very unpleasantly".

Minister for Kosovo in Serbian government Goran Bogdanovic said previously that Belgrade wanted to know the court's jurisdiction, the identity of its judges, and laws they would apply before any agreement could be reached, noting that none of those could be "imposed by either EULEX or the Kosovo (Albanian) authorities".