Serbian opostition leader favors "Kosovo referendum"

Opposition SNS leader Tomislav Nikolic says that if Serbia's EU accession was conditioned by recognizin Kosovo, he would favor a referendum on the issue.

(KosovoCompromise Staff) Tuesday, September 21, 2010

That way, Nikolic told B92 TV late on Monday, citizens could make a decision on whether the European integration process should be continued.

Nikolic stated that if he were the prime minister, president or member of the government who was to make a decision on the EU accession, he would propose a referendum if the EU's best offer regarding Kosovo was a protected status for the Serbs in the northern part of the province.

"So far, there is no formal reason for Serbia to give up on the EU membership," Nikolic underscored, adding that the SNS believes that the recognition of Kosovo is the red line and that if the EU was a precondition, an alternative should always be found.