"Kosovo is ours as long as we don't give it away"

President Tomislav Nikolic sad that Kosovo is an integral part of Serbia - "and shall remain so".

(KosovoCompromisStuff) Monday, September 17, 2012

"Some can treat this issue differently," he told reporters, "but as long as we don't give it away, nobody can take Kosovo from us."

Commenting on the conditions Serbia was asked to fulfill on its way to the EU, which have been outlined by some German officials in recent days, Nikolic said that other countries, parliaments and governments could voice their positions, but that Kosovo remained a part of Serbia.

He added that everyone who represented the people in Serbia would have to sit down and come to an agreement about Serbia's policy and goals.

"Kosovo was, is and will be a part of Serbia. Others can see the issue differently, but as long as we refuse to give Kosovo, they cannot take it away from us," Nikolic said.

The president said there were investors interested in Kursumlija, who would enable people in the town to work, support their families and, most importantly, not leave the area.
The two municipalities are located in southern part of central Serbia, along the administrative line with Kosovo.

"The most important thing is that Serbs live here, you know for how many reasons, and we will invest first in these areas, the areas which are vulnerable " Nikolić said .

"It is most important for Serbs to remain in this area, and we will invest here first '' .