House in Orahovac burgled and demolished

A house belonging to Kosovo Serbs Srecko and Lazarka Simic located in the Serb part of Orahovac has been burgled and demolished, the Serb municipality of Orahovac, western Kosovo, announced on Monday evening.

(KosovoCompromiseStuff) Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The incident took place in recent days while an elderly couple was on a visit to their children in central Serbia, the release reads.

On their return, the Simic family called the Kosovo police whose officers searched the place and took the finger prints from the scattered objects.

On the walls of the children's room, burglars wrote graffiti "the Kosovo Liberation Army" in bronze colour, the release adds.

The Serb municipality of Orahovac says that this is yet another in a series of attempts at intimidating the remaining Serbs in Orahovac.