DSS: Election instead of cosmetic govt reshuffle

The opposition DSS party believes the coming government reshuffle is "an empty and superficial move" and parliamentary elections are a better option.

(kosovocompromisestuff) Monday, July 22, 2013

DSS spokesman Petar Petković said Monday that "no cosmetic reshuffle" can change the bad government policy and that its real purpose is diverting attention from "the eradication of Serbian state institutions in Kosovo" under pressure from Brussels. Petković told a news conference that "the Brussels ultimatum" is not about changing ministers, but about Serbia recognizing the false state of Kosovo. He said the reshuffle is "an empty and superficial move" by a government whose members are concerned with their ministerial and other offices during an economic crisis instead of tacking issues of interest to the state. According to Petković, the government's results as its near one year in office can be boiled down to "media talk, week after week" about the reshuffle, while the Serbian people are among the poorest in the region. Petković reiterated his party's position that the government is pressuring Kosovo Serbs to vote in the local election under pressure from the West, and for the same reason does not dare to call early parliamentary elections. He said Kosovo Serbs should not go to the polls and the government "should call early parliamentary elections as soon as possible and end its pestilent term."