Craft fair by disabled people organized in Mitrovica

A craft fair displaying works by disabled people entitled “Creativity paves way to jobs” was held at the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Kosovska Mitrovica on Wednesday.

(kosovocompromisestuff) Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The fair is organized by the National Employment Service (NSZ) and Kosovska Mitrovica-based Narodna tehnika. Aca Markovic, head of the NSZ office in Kosovska Mitrovica, said that eight persons were engaged in making articles of wood such as boxes, wine bottles. He underlined that more attention should be paid to this part of the population, and called on employers to give jobs to disabled people. Zlata Radovanovic, official of the Office for Kosovo, thanked the disabled persons for taking part in this event. “The Serbian government's Office for Kosovo-Metohija is participating in this event as well, and what is most important we will support and take part in the continuation of the project so that these people could become even more visible not only in this town but also in entire Kosovo,” Radovanovic said.