Office for Kosovo: Put end to intimidation of Serbs in Kosovo

The Office for Kosovo has strongly condemned the last in a series of pressures on the Serb population, which this time took place in Orahovac in the form of intimidating messages on Serb houses.

(kosovocompromisestuff) Monday, April 07, 2014

"That is a clear message to the remaining Serbs in Orahovac to flee, and for those who left - not to return," reads the release that the Office issued on Saturday evening.The Office for Kosovo called on relevant authorities to put a stop to the intimidation of the Serb population and ensure a peaceful and safe life for all citizens of Orahovac and the province."This certainly implies that those who wrote the intimidating messages should be found and punished as soon as possible," the release underlined.The incident took place on Saturday evening, and the graffiti occurred on the houses belonging to Nedeljko and Zivko Grkovic, Jovica Nedeljkovic, Dragan Nikolic and Todor Krstic, because of which local citizens got upset, the Office for Kosovo noted.These houses are empty as the owners left Orahovac, but the incident and intimidating messages caused a stir among their compatriots and neighbors living in the same street.In the last few months, several Serb houses have been sold in the street in Orahovac where the graffiti occurred.The residents say that they see the graffiti as a kind of pressure on the remaining Serbs in the street to sell their property.