Amfilohije's book on Kosovo presented in USA

The book authored by Metropolitan Amfilohije of Montenegro and the Littoral entitled 'Letopis novog kosovskog raspeca' (Chronicles of the renewed crucifiction of Kosovo) in the English language was presented in Chicago and the first copies will be sent to a number of US officials so that they could find out about the Serbian account of the events.

(kosovocompromisestuff) Thursday, April 10, 2014

The book promotion was held in the Church of the Holy Resurrection. The book comprises diary entries of Serbian Orthodox Metropolitan Amfilohije since 1999 to the end of 2000 noted down in the Patriarchate of Pec after the withdrawal of the Yugoslav Army and the signing of the Kumanovo Military Technical Agreement Agreement.Archpriest Radomir Nikcevic as the director of the Svetigora publishing house told the press that 500 copies of the book would be sent to the U.S. president, congressmen, senators and prominent institutions and individuals so that the truth about Kosovo could finally be revealed in the American continent.Nikcevic also announced that the book would be translated into Russian by the end of the year.Author of the afterword for the English edition Thomas Fleming, director of the Rockford Institute and editor of the Chronicles Magazine, delivered a speech about the book.As a political analyst and an exceptional connoisseur of history and current geo-political situation in the world, Fleming said that Serbia and Kosovo are the heart of the European Christianity and that the international community renounced them deciding to back ethnic Albanians in Kosovo and their unilateral declaration of independence.In the foreword, James Bissett who held office as Canadian ambassador to Yugoslavia from 1990 to 1992 said that from the very beginning of the wars following the dissolution of Yugoslavia, Western media played the key role in the intentional misinterpretation of events in the field and the portrayal of Serbia and Serbs as the side responsible for most - if not all - crimes committed during the clashes.The Canadian diplomat believes that the truth would be revealed concerning the Balkan wars and recalled the recent testimony by Italian General Mauro del Vecchio who said in an interview for the Panorama magazine that the reports on Serb and Roma victims arrived at his desk every morning but he was not allowed to speak about it.