Office for Kosovo condemns threat to church in Pristina

The Office for Kosovo condemned on Tuesday in the strongest terms the statement by Dardan Gasi, a representative of Pristina, who said that Christ the Savior Cathedral in that town would be pulled down.

(kosovocompromisestuff) Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The threat of the destruction of the Orthodox church in Pristina, which was published in the Pristina-based daily Telegraf, during the Easter celebrations, is scandalous and marks a continuity in the intimidation of Serbs in Kosovo-Metohija, the Office for KiM stated in a release.That is a clear message that there is no place for Serbs where Serb churches are torn down, the release underlined.The Office for Kosovo called on the international community to react to such statements from Pristina, as those messages remind us of the pogrom that took place in March 2004, when 35 Orthodox churches suffered damage.