Office for Kosovo condemns threats to Tanjug reporter

The Office for Kosovo condemned in the harshest terms on Friday threats issued against Tanjug News Agency correspondent from Kosovska Mitrovica Zeljko Tvrdisic on Facebook, and urged the international community to take them seriously.

(kosovocompromisestuff) Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Office called on the authorities to find and punish the one behind the threats.The pressure is exerted on Tvrdisic to limit the freedom of speech and of the press, although freedom of expression is considered to be a basic human right, the statement reads.“It is clear that this is an attempt to limit freedom of information ahead of the upcoming parliamentary elections in Kosovo-Metohija,” the government's Office for Kosovo released in a statement.“Therefore, we call on the international representatives in Kosovo to take the threats to Zeljko Tvrdisic seriously and make every effort to stand in their way,” the statement reads.Tvrdisic received a warning on the social network that he should not level criticism at people in north Kosovo, who are on the Srpska slate.The united Srpska slate comprises 67 candidates for Kosovo MPs, who are standing for the elections scheduled for June 8.The message was sent by an unknown admin of the Facebook page “Initiative Kosovska Mitrovica”. Tvrdisic has reported the case to the Kosovo police and the Serbian police, adding that the pressure is obviously coming from another political entity taking part in the elections.As far as Serb representatives are concerned, the Srpska slate will take part in the parliamentary elections with 67 candidates, the Movement for Democratic Prosperity with 26 candidates, and Progressive Democratic Party with 24 candidates.