Eulex: Security measures for Kosovo polls carefully planned

The security measures for the Kosovo legislative elections, to be held on Sunday, have been planned carefully and will be coordinated by the Kosovo police, Eulex, Kfor and the OSCE, the EU mission in Kosovo said in a statement on Friday.

(kosovocompromisestuff) Sunday, June 08, 2014

Eulex and Kfor are ready to support the Kosovo police and intervene immediately in case of any threat to the electoral process or the security of people at polling stations, members of electoral commissions, assistants or observers, the statement said.Security measures for the Kosovo legislative elections have been planned carefully so as to guarantee the people the right to vote and that the electoral process is conducted in a peaceful and orderly manner, Eulex said.The Kosovo police will be present outside polling stations and other key areas, with visible support from Eulex and Kfor as the second and third parties to respond if necessary.At the request of Kosovo's Central electoral commission, the OSCE will support the electoral process in the four (Serb-majority) municipalities in northern Kosovo, Eulex said.The cooperation and coordination among the Kosovo police, the Eulex, Kfor and OSCE is excellent, the statement said.