'Witness A':12 KLA commanders were in charge of Likovac camp

In the resumed Drenica Group trial, a protected witness stated that 12 commanders of the former (paramilitary ethnic Albanians' Kosovo Liberation Army) KLA, including the outgoing prime minister of Kosovo Hasim Taci, were in charge of the camp in the village of Likovac, central Kosovo.

(kosovocompromisestuff) Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The prison was supervised and managed by Sulejman Selimi-Sultan, Jahir Demaku, Saban Salja, Zecir Demaku, Muharem Dzemajli, Sahit Jasari, Hasim Taci, Sabit and Nuhi Geci and several other commanders whose names I cannot recall, 'witness A' said before the court in north Kosovska Mitrovica on Monday.He added that they held a meeting to decide whether he is to be shot to death, where nine were against and three were in favor of shooting him, the Pristina-based media report. 'Witness A' said that he owes his life to Nuhi Geci, who visited him in solitary confinement every day and informed him of what was going on. He also told me that he put himself in danger by protecting me from the commanders, the witness said.The defendants in the 'Drenica Group 2' case are the former KLA commander (and current Kosovo's ambassador to Albania) Sulejman Seljimi, former member of the Kosovo parliament Fadilj Demaku, head of Glogovac municipality Nedzat Demaku, as well as Agim, Baskim, Driton and Seljman Demaj, Jahir Demaku, Zecir Demaku and Isni Taci.All have been charged with war crimes against civilians, including torture and abuse of prisoners in the former KLA camp in Likovac, Drenica region, in 1998, and the murder of a young Serb policeman Ivan Bulatovic.Agim, Baskim, Seljman and Driton Demaj, Fadil and Nedzat Demaku (both members of Taci's Democratic Party of Kosovo), Sabit Geci and Ismet Hadza are all charged with causing bodily harm to 'Witness A'.